Pure Environmental
Protecting the air we breathe,
the water we drink,
and the ground we walk on.

Welcome to Pure Environmental

Pure Environmental (Pure) provides world-class environmental solutions to the energy industry for under serviced markets in Canada and the United States. We engineer, construct, and operate geothermal cavern facilities and engineered class II landfills to efficiently and responsibly manage by-products produced during exploration, production, processing, storage, and transportation from the energy industry.

Pure has built a solid foundation for success by providing industry leading waste management solutions, the highest safety standards, and world class facilities in strategically positioned geographic locations. 

Pure’s geothermal cavern facilities, featuring innovative processes, are specifically designed to reduce the environmental footprint for our energy and industrial sector clients. We are proud to operate the only 100% electric facility of its kind in Canada. Having achieved net zero carbon for energy use in our own operations, we are committed to supporting the energy industries path toward net zero emissions targets by 2050. 

At Pure we have one purpose, to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the ground we walk on. 

Our Facilities

Pure Environmental is in the process of engineering, constructing and bringing to operation world-class facilities in Canada, the United States and beyond. 

Our team is deploying industry leading innovative technologies to efficiently, responsibly and sustainably manage bi-products produced during the exploration, production, processing, storage and transportation of oil and gas providing long term liability management and superior environmental protection. 

Environmental, Social, and Governance.

Pure is committed to improving its business for the good of the shareholders, the environment, and other stakeholders. Pure will continue to drive sustainable waste management methods and infrastructure, minimizing the potential negative impact that our clients may have on the environment over the long term, and driving innovation in oil sands waste management.

Pure is proud to provide its first Sustainability Update Report, for 2022, detailing the commitments that have been made to our sustainability performance while still achieving our business goals.


Pure Environmental is committed to providing sustainable solutions for a better future for all, working alongside our partners and clients to supply environmentally responsible waste management services.

Our leadership team oversees the implementation of strategy and growth priorities to provide long-term value and operational excellence.